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Ah, granola, tastiest of cereals! And healthy too, as long as you don’t actually look at the ingredients*. Let’s focus on the tasty part.

Granola: Done

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Dal is a great health food: complex carbohydrates for slow-release energy, a good source of protein, and some veggies smuggled along for the ride.

Dal Palak: done.

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I’ve been trying to create the perfect tiramisu for years, and to be honest, I’ve never managed to improve on this recipe:

It’s a very loose set (i.e. a bit runny), but utterly delicious. If you can figure out any changes to make it a bit firmer, let me know! I’ve tried gently warming the egg to make an authentic zabaglione, but it adds a lot of faff for no real improvement.

There is a Guardian recipe that I’ve been meaning to try – next time…